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Useful links

Here are some links to useful websites about Slovenian nature, the natural heritage and interesting places to visit.


Learn more about Slovenia and make the most from your holiday!

Parks, nature reserves and places to visit:

Triglav National Park

Slovenia's only national park set in a beautiful alpine environment.

Notranjska Regional Park

Large area of forests and meadows, including the famous Cerknica lake in central Slovenia.

Sečovlje Salina Nature Park

Scenic saltpans on the Slovene coast, full of interesting bird species.

Pivka Lakes Nature Park

A complex of temporary karstic lakes, wet meadows and forests, south of Postojna.

Goričko Nature Park

A varied region of rolling hills and traditional agricultural landscape, in northeasternmost Slovenia.

Ljubljana Marsh Nature Park

Large lowland plain with wet meadows on the outskirts of the capital city.

Škocjanski zatok Nature Reserve

Small wetland near the coastal town of Koper with a great biodiversity.

Alpine Botanical Garden Juliana

Slovenia's only Alpine botanical garden, set in the heart of Triglav National Park.

University Botanic Gardens of Ljubljana

Slovenia's historic botanical garden, dating back to the 19th century.

Škocjan Caves

Beautiful caves with underground river; UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Postojna Caves

World famous caves near Postojna and Slovenia's main turistic attraction.

Križna Cave

Beautiful cave with numerous underground lakes in the Notranjska Regional Park.

Zeleni Kras - Green Karst

Beautiful area ecompassing several municipalities in the Notranjska region.

Visit Kras

Official touristic promotional website of the Kras-Karst and Brkini regions in western Slovenia.


Official site of the Slovenian Tourist Board.


Slovenian Museum of Natural History

Slovenia's oldest cultural and scientific institution.

Karst Museum

An excellent new museum illustrating every aspect of the Karst: nature, biodiversity, geology, culture and history.

The Piran Shells and Snail Museum

Slovenia's largest shellfish and snails collection in the coastal town of Piran.

Aquarium Piran

Slovenia's main aquarium illustrating life in the Adriatic sea.

Local associations & projects:

BirdLife Slovenia

BirdLife Slovenia; biggest nature conservation NGO in Slovenia.


Society for conservation, research and sustainable development of the Dinaric ecosystem


Slovenian Marine Mammal Society

Life DinAlpBear

European project for the conservation of Brown Bears in the northern Dinaric mountains and the Alps.

Interesting websites, blogs and photogalleries:

Birding Ljubljansko Barje

Birding blog from the Ljubljana marsh, on the outskirts of Slovenia's capital.

Miha Krofel Photography

Flickr photogallery by Slovenia's foremost expert on large carnivores. Lots of photos from the field in the Dinaric mountains.

Ursa Photographica

Wildlife photography website, mostly concentrated on Bears and large carnivores.

Birding Slovenia

Facebook page featuring the latest birding news and interesting observations from Slovenia

Calidris Birding &

Bird Photography

Birding and bird photography blog from the Štajerska region in northeast Slovenia.

Tomaž Velikonja Photography

Flickr photogallery about wildlife from the Trnovo forest in western Slovenia.

Adriawildlife - Paul Tout

Twitter account featuring birds, butterflies, plants and other wildlife in the northern Adriatic region of northeast Italy, Slovenia and Croatia.

Rok & Klemen Markuš Photography

Nature photography blog by two keen mountaineers; featuring mostly landscapes and wildlife in the Alps.

Aleš Jagodnik Photography

Photogallery and blog from Volovja reber and the Snežnik plateau in western Slovenia; featuring a great variety of wildlife.

Birds of the lakes return

Official webpage of a film by Matej Vranič, about birds of the Velenje lakes in Slovenia. A story about how birds returned to an environment once devastated by industry.


Divja Slovenija - Wild Slovenia Film

Wildlife documentary on Slovenia by Matej Vranič

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