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Bear watching in Slovenia

Slovenia is home to a thriving population of Brown Bears (Ursus arctos), whose numbers reach more than 1000 individuals. They roam the forests of southern, western and central Slovenia, with the highest densities found in the extensive Dinaric forests. Bears are very shy and avoid human contact, therefore they are mostly active at night and twilight. When visiting the forests of mount Snežnik or the Kočevje region, you might be lucky to spot a bear along one of the forest roads. However, for the best chances of seeing & photographing these charismatic animals, we recommend trying purpose-built bear watching hides.

Some of the companies that offer bear watching & bear photography in Slovenia:

Professional bear photography

Ideal for photographers who want to take high-quality shots of bears during the day in scenic natural forest environment. Also excellent for watching bears at close range. Usually only longer session (5-7 hours). Multiple-day tours also available, with accomodation included.

Bear observation
Usually shorter evening sessions (2-3 hours) from hunting hides located at feeding stations on forest glades. Not always good for photography due to poor evening light, but greater chances of seeing bears at twilight. Excellent for families with children. Lower prices compared to professional photography hides.

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