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Triglav national park slovenia

About Slovenia

Slovenia is a small European country with a population of just over 2 million people. Due to its predominantly mountainous terrain and vast forests, natural wilderness can still be found here. More than half of the country is covered by forests that are still home to all three European large carnivores: Brown Bear, Wolf and Lynx. 
Slovenia lies in an extremely diverse area, at the junction of different geographical regions and climates. The northern part, with the Alps, is mountainous and the peaks rise to 2800 metres above sea-level. The central and southern part lies in the Dinaric mountains and is mainly forested. The east of the country is quite flat and gives way to the Pannonian plain, while the western part is dominated by the Karst region and the Adriatic sea and has a sub-Mediterranean climate.
Being a small country in such a diverse region means that one can move between a great variety of landscapes in a relatively short space of time. In Slovenia you can enjoy the Mediterranean sea and the high mountains of the Alps on the same day! Slovenia’s diverse landscapes and climates make this country one of the most biodiverse in Europe.


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