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Campanula zoysii

About us

WildSlovenia is a project whose main goal is to present Slovenia’s amazing wildlife all on one site. Here, people visiting Slovenia will find some general information about its wildlife, the different habitats and the best time for visiting. We try to concentrate on animal and plant species that are typical for this area and that might be of interest to foreign visitors. Most of the material on this site regards birds, mammals, butterflies and plants, but special attention is also given to other notable animal species of Slovenia.


Domen Stanič

Domen is a graduate conservation biologist with a lifelong passion for nature. He started birding at the age of 14, but soon widened his interests to incorporate other fields of natural history. Since his time at university he has developed a great passion for botany and ecology and is now expanding his knowledge to include butterflies, insects and other wildlife.
Most of all he likes being in the field, especially in the forests, meadows and mountains of western and southern Slovenia.
He works at DOPPS - BirdLife Slovenia as a conservation ornithologist, primarily involved with bird monitoring and research at Škocjanski zatok Nature Reserve and elsewhere across Slovenia. As an ex wildlife guide, he has led several wildlife tours for companies such as Naturetrek, Honeyguide Wildlife Holidays and Wildlife Worldwide.
He is the main brains behind the WildSlovenia concept and manager of the website, blog and social media.

Sara Cernich
Sara Cernich

Sara is an enthusiast of everything to do with nature. Graduating in conservation biology, since then she has worked at different nature reserves around the northern Adriatic as an interpretative wildlife guide, as well as a keeper and manager of Carsiana Botanical Garden in the Trieste Karst. Until recently she has worked at the Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for Nature Conservation, while her current job is at Landscape Park Strunjan, on the Slovenian coast. Her main interests are birds, botany and butterflies, but she also loves snorkeling and mountain hiking. She frequently volunteers for DOPPS - BirdLife Slovenia, carrying out bird censuses around the country. Her favourite environment is the forest and her fieldwork is frequently focused on woodpeckers and forest ecology. In the free time, she ceaselessly manages her organic vegetable garden with the help of her tireless chickens.

Paul Tout
Paul Tout

Paul is a naturalist and translator, and started serious birding at the age of 11 before broadening his interests to include butterflies, botany and other vertebrates. A teacher in an international school for 15 years until 2005 he has lived in the Italian Karst close to the border with Slovenia since 1989 and has led wildlife tours in the area since 1993 for a wide range of companies including Naturetrek, Honeyguide, Greenwings and Oriole Birding. His favourite pastime is communicating his enthusiasm for wildlife and nature to others, in the field and via the internet, via twitter.

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